Meet Our Creative Director
Arin Segall

Simply put - Arin eats, sleeps and breathes hospitality


Arin got her start at an early age, quickly learning that she excelled in customer service, while understanding that it was the basis for any career she would ultimately choose.

It wasn’t until she transferred to the acclaimed Conrad N. Hilton College for Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston in 2009 that she realized her true passion — events. The love affair was instantaneous and she dove right in, learning everything she possibly could.

From shadowing coordinators, to event internships and even becoming a Design Consultant for a linen and decor company, Arin mastered the art of sales, marketing and vendor relations within the industry while continuously fine- tuning her eye for design. She snagged an internship at Walt Disney World junior year, helping her to see the need to up her game even more when it came to servicing clients and what better teacher than the Mouse himself?

After exploring a couple of successful roles in Houston,

Arin moved to Dallas to try her hand in a new market, where she was responsible for the outreach and marketing of one of the city’s most reputable catering companies, along with the multiple venues that they owned.

While networking for this company, Arin was offered a new opportunity to grow the presence of an established Dallas-based DMC down in Houston. Knowing the task at hand and though hesitant at first, she eventually took the role as Houston Event Manager and moved back home. Arin single-handedly nearly tripled the total market revenue in the first year, securing the only preferred partnership with Houston’s newest 1000 room convention hotel. Through planning, designing and executing corporate events and programs, ranging from 50 to 2000+ people, Arin has worked with some of the top name brands nationally. She is most proud of her work designing Pepsi’s Super Bowl Halftime Rehearsal event in Houston, Minneapolis and Atlanta, prior to her departure.

Winning NACE Houston’s 2017 Event Design and Decor of the Year, along with Synergy Team of the Year and being nominated for several national awards, Arin very quickly made a name for herself within her role, making the company the most sought-after DMC in the city.

to present day

Arin has taken everything she’s learned throughout her journey – good and bad – fueling the idea behind Event Sociétal. Blending her love for the event industry with her passion for helping others, she has helped create a platform for other accomplished creative individuals to live out their dreams and take back control of their lives!

Hospitality is at the core of everything we do.

There are so many words that I can use to describe Arin: professional, organized, resourceful, responsive, creative, confident and patient. She attentively listens to her clients, then approaches all of her events with a very creative eye and the intent to customize a spectacular experience, regardless of the size. Her network of high quality vendors is extremely impressive and everyone she recommends goes over and above expectations. I would absolutely recommend Arin to anyone I know because of her incredible talent and work ethic which consistently results into lasting and memorable outcomes. Arin is more than an event planner – she strives be your partner in making a lasting impression on your clients. 

-Former Colleague

Arin is full of passion and enthusiasm. Her customer service level and poise, humor, ideas, reliability, deliverability, etc. are off the charts. I painted a picture for her and she took the ball without even saying “let me think about that and get back to you”... what came back to me as her response was exactly as if I had dreamt it! 

-Former Client
Arin is amazing to work with! She can’t help but go above and beyond each request you have. Her attention to detail and passion for what she does made my job so much easier. Not to mention, her quick responses to my many questions saved me a lot of time. I would highly recommend working with her and her team for any of your events!

-Hotel Sales Manager

Arin always has superb attention to detail and we all know it’s the little things that have a lasting impact on the overall outcome of any event. Her incomparable customer service is another one of her qualities that makes my job as an event peer a lot less of an obstacle course.