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Are you passionate about the event industry but you’ve been running on empty for longer than you can even remember? Have you felt that you've let your relationships suffer because of your demanding career or maybe your intense work schedule has kept you from getting around to that house project that you’ve been talking about for the last two years?


Even worse – has your creativity and talent become prisoner to your current company? Not only do you feel stripped away from something you once truly loved, but you feel like you’ve lost control of your life and you’re at a crossroads.

We’re sure you’ve continuously tried to think of ways to do what you love while still maintaining some minuscule amount of sanity. And how do we know that? We’ve all been there.

Event Sociétal is disrupting the market by putting an end to the hustle and bustle of this insane industry and reminding us that we need a life too (and a good one at that)! We also know that passionate, talented, hard-working people are hard to come by and how important is to feel appreciated, challenged and of course, compensated well.

how would you like to

01 Make your own hours (work as little or as much as you want to – when you want to)

02 Be in control of YOUR income and have the opportunity for unlimited growth

03 Do half the amount of work you are currently doing but make double (or triple) the amount of money

04 Feel like you’re running your own business without any overhead

05 Have a community of other like-minded professionals around you for support and advice

06 Take ownership of your creative ideas while growing your portfolio

And ultimately, create and live a life you are PROUD of.

what we're looking for

01 Kick- ass, experienced event managers, planners and designers (5 years +) in the corporate realm, who are SALES ROCKSTARS

02 Strong client portfolio and loyalty – they love you and couldn’t see themselves working with anyone else

03 Solid vendor and venue relationships within your market – you’ve networked your butt off and are well-connected

04 Someone whose creative juices never stop flowin’

05 Obsessed with staying current on trends – always scouring the web and social media for the latest and greatest

06 Self-starter, who is able to manage their time accordingly, while staying dedicated to providing the best customer service and putting on killer events

07 Type A person who hates to be micromanaged (and who doesn’t need to be since they’re on top of their game)

08 Someone who has a reliable computer and cellphone – and knows how to use them

It’s time to make the leap! We know it can be scary, but we’re here for you every step of the way.

Does this gig sound right up your alley? We have event industry jobs available nationwide! Drop us a line for more info or to tell us why we HAVE to have you onboard by applying below. We can't wait to hear from you!