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Event Planning

Event Societal provides Orlando Corporate Event Planning, Design, and Management services to help you offer unique experiences to your guests that are like no other.

Hosting events in Orlando offers you a blank slate, giving you the ability to transform spaces into whatever you want them to be. With the coming together of people from all walks of life, to the world-class entertainment that offers something for everyone, you need event partners that can find inspiration in all of the details around them. Our team of passionate, seasoned event professionals carefully craft and execute high-quality experiences to perfection.

Whether you want your event to be uniquely “Florida” or take your group back to a nostalgic Neverland, let us help you select the perfect venue for your next fête. From ballroom overhauls to theme park destinations, there’s so much to discover in this city.

Our team handles all the event design and event production, including decor, AV/lighting, catering, graphics, entertainment, and more so you can have peace of mind knowing that no detail is overlooked and feel confident that everyone is wowed.

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| ôrˈlandō |

Known for its top-rated attractions, sprawling resorts and endless amounts of fun.

  • Gatlorland was the first theme park in the city.
  • Once the main hub of Florida’s citrus.
  • Most visited city in the US, with 75 million visitors in 2018.


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